Since Feb half-term we have looked at the everything to do with the respiration system. You need to look at the following ares below and select the target that you feel you need to work on the most. Once you have done this, copy it up into your planner and then post on the discussion link what you have chosen along with what steps you are going to take to address this target. Use the wiki to go back and look through the ares you are struggling with.

  • Describe the mechanics of breathing, the muscles involved and the changes seen during exercise. Explain also how these changes are regulated by the respiratory centre (both neural and chemical control).
  • Describe the process of internal and external gaseous exchange showing an awareness of the rols played by partial pressure and diffusion gradient. Explain how exercise influences the dissociation of oxy-haemoglobin.
  • Explain the effects of altitude, asthma and smoking upon the respiratory system. Decsribe too how which adaptations are seen in the respiratory system in the long term following exercise.